Jim Anderson Lampoon – An Historical Art Trajectory (1970-2010)

Jim Anderson Lampoon – An Historical  Art Trajectory (1970 – 2010)

Jim Anderson was the art editor of Oz Magazine. Along with Richard Neville and Felix Dennis, he was charged with Conspiracy to Corrupt Public Morals and publishing an obscene magazine. This resulted in the
famous Oz Conspiracy Trial which occupied No 2 Court of the Old Bailey
through the summer of 1971. They beat the Conspiracy rap which carried
possible life imprisonment, but went down on the obscenity. Five
months later the Appeals Court quashed the convictions and the
unprecedented jail sentences. The trial judge was castigated and
demoted. Forty years on, Jim, now a notable collage artist and
photographer, has, for this exhibition, re-imagined some of those Oz
covers (School Kids Oz, Homosexual Oz, Special Pig Oz) that the
British Establishment found so rebarbative at the time.

After the demise of Oz in 1973, Jim fled big city life and after some
formative experiences in Tangier and West Africa, settled in Bolinas,
California, a somewhat notorious ‘alternative’ town where he
reinvented himself both as a community artist and the editor of the
local paper. Jim’s covers for the Bolinas Hearsay News which have
rarely been exhibited, form an essential part of this art trajectory.
The covers (and other collages and posters) deal with a variety of
subject matters (always with an ascerbic sense of humour), from the
cosmic (Floating Sun Festival) to the political, (Save the Humpbacks,
Stop Diablo Canyon, Legalisation of Marijuana), the assassination of
John Lennon to the tragedy of AIDS. His early photography, developed
in association with the Bolinas Slide Show (an annual look back at the
town “in Spirit and Substance’) which he co-produced for almost 15
years will be projected in the form of his slides.

This exhibition simultaneously encompasses a history and a celebration
of recent work. After his return to Sydney in the mid-nineties, he
began his satiric Lampooneries, a form of collaged cartoons which have
given the exhibition its main title. They have been published in the
Sydney Morning Herald and The Chaser and have been shown in
multifarious group shows. Anderson’s uniquely styled cut and paste
photomontaged panoramas of gallery openings, bohemian parties and
other art happenings featuring his distinctive social circle, will be
shown in the form of a Frieze and reveal that he is committed to
telling a collective story, not just a personal one. Jim’s portraits
of well-known Sydney identities which have been part of exhibitions
such as Head On, Citigroup Photographic Portrait Prize, and Art and
About, will also be featured.

For a look at the coverage on ABC ARTS ONLINE have a look at the following link:


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