Group exhibition by: Kate Mackay, Liz Shreeve, Marlene Sarroff, Francesca Mataraga, Pam Aitken.

Opens Thursday March 17th, 6pm, Exhibition opened by Virginia Judge, Minister for the Arts, NSW.

Circle/ Square is a group exhibition of five Sydney based artists Liz Shreeve, Pam Aitken, Marlene Sarroff, Kate Mackay and Francesca Mataraga. The exhibition brings together the work of these artists with specific focus on the use of circles and squares as a structural, compositional or decorative motif in their work. Circle/Square has been supported by the NSW Ministry for the Arts 2011 Arts Funding program and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy (VACS) and will be opened by NSW Minister for the Arts Virginia Judge.

Kate Mackay works with textiles and colour in order to create ‘soft’ sculptures that reference hard edge abstraction through the use of pattern and minimalist sculptural fo rms. Intricate patterns and the physicality of each cube create a caleidoscopic array of color and shape.

Liz Shreeve’s work addresses light as a conceptual premise and physical reality. By using the grid as a primary compositional structure, her reliefs allow colour (applied as a painted surface) to become the focus of contemplation.

Marlene Sarroff’s installation pieces present a sensual approach to abstraction by creating small circular units from recycled materials. Vibrant and exuberant Saroff’s pieces abound with both colour and tactility.

Francesca Mataraga’s installational painting “fragments from orange and pink” presents a work that is re-configured as a unique composition each time it is exhibited. The work transforms traditional concepts of geometric abstraction into a three–dimensional painting or drawing.

Pam Aitken’s work offers a whimsical take on the theme of circle/square. Bringing light and movement into the gallery Aitken’s work activates the space it is situated in and creates a dynamic flow.

* Artists’ talk Saturday 2 April – 12pm

Exhibition runs from March 18 to April 2.


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