FOR THE LULZ opens next Thursday 14 July 6pm


Andrew Moran
Christopher Hanrahan
Ella Barclay
Giselle Stanborough
Michael Moran
Tom Polo

Curated by Sandra Di Palma

In an era of seemingly ubiquitous blogs, forums, image boards, and social media websites, the explosion of Internet usage has provided a limitless resource for communication, connection and exploration. The rapid rise of sites such as YouTube, Facebook, 4Chan and Twitter has ruptured traditional models of human interaction and generated new social domains that enable rapid experimentation in contemporary communication.  Over the past decade, the increase in interactive exhibitive space has slowly formed a new generation of creative minds influenced by one of the most significant cultural phenomena of the 21st century – the Internet meme. 

Taking memetic tendency as its point of departure, For the Lulz brings together the work of six contemporary Australian artists commissioned to draw from the same socially recognisable practices fundamental to Internet meme culture. As an exercise in experimentation, For the Lulz explores how the sensibilities and techniques borne from online memetic culture can be applied to generate a novel, subversive and culturally relevant contemporary art practice. Utilising the processes of remixing, replication, reconfiguration and translation, the works of artists Andrew Moran, Christopher Hanrahan, Ella Barclay, Giselle Stanborough Michael Moran, and Tom Polo offer unexpected visions that investigate what art has to learn from memes.

Opening night: Thursday 14 July 6-8pm

Exhibition: 15 July – 6 August 2011


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