Rules of Play

Rules of Play

Opening Friday 9 September 6-8pm

Bernadette Anzengruber
Brian Fuata
Agatha Gothe-Snape
Michaela Gleave
Kathryn Gray
Michael Poetschko
Teik-Kim Pok
Sarah Rodigari
Nina Stuhldreher

Rules of Play is the winning submission to the 2011 Tin Sheds Gallery Innovate/Curate Exhibition and Grant. Curated by Kathryn Gray the exhibition brings together the work of nine contemporary Austrian and Australian artists.

In a world that tries to distinguish between work and play, Rules of Play explores the murky space between the two. From the absurd to the deeply serious the exhibition will ask us to challenge the points where – despite our best endeavors to set parameters and make sense of our circumstances – the rules governing work and leisure inevitably break down.

The participating artists will be staging visual and performative artworks for the three-week duration of the exhibition. During this time the common rules surrounding artists, audiences and citizens will frame a generative and exploratory space for both audiences and artists to question and share.

The participating artists are based in Austria and Australia, and the project draws on significant histories and current practices from their local contexts. They are each attentive to means of cognitive, physical and affectual labour. Working with the present, the artists refer back to what has already happened and towards a speculative reimagining of what may yet be possible. As curator Kathryn Gray explains, “With Rules of Play there are diverse artistic systems for trial and error, dialogue and prospects. The artists are presenting works that reenact science and impersonate philosophy; that dance drawings and plot serendipidity; that ask questions and play out in transmission; that cross vast distances and listen closely to you, the audience”.

Such play can be considered in terms of managing risk, or as the populist theorist/financier Nassim Nicholas Taleb puts it, “a systematic program of how to live in a world we don’t understand very well.”* Rules of Play asks us to reconsider old questions regarding experience, remembering and relevance. As Ms Gray explains “the exhibition asks us to consider where the rules (and we) fail”.

Rules of Play is curated by Kathryn Gray with support from the Tin Sheds INNOVATE/CURATE exhibition and grant. The first iteration of this project was presented at Bell Street Project Space in Vienna in 2010.

Exhibition runs until October 1 

For further information on performances, consultations and conversations throughout program see the project blog:

*Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, 2007


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