The Garden of Forking Paths


Thursday 3 November 6-8pm

Exhibition dates: 4 – 26 November 2011

The Garden of Forking Paths, curated by Neil Jenkins opens at the Tin Sheds Gallery on Thursday 3rd November.

This is a touring exhibition through dLUX MediaArts.

This exhibition draws together a range of notable historic and contemporary artist created computer games that have all pushed boundaries of the genre by breaking with traditional gaming orthodoxies.

The exhibition includes pieces created by a range of high profile artists, that span the last three decades: from Jaron Lanier’s 1983 Commodore 64 game ‘Moondust’ through to ‘Tale of Tales’ 2009 release ‘The Path’. This exhibition covers a period that has seen incredible advances in gaming technology and the birth of the information age.

All of the works are interactive, inviting the viewer to play: some will be installed on ‘antique’ computers that have been carefully sourced so that viewers can experience the games with authenticity. This highly successful exhibition has already toured extensively, delighting audiences of all ages.

International and Australian artists include:
Laurie Anderson (USA) with Hsin-Chien Huang (Taiwan)
Tale of Tales (Belgium)
Jaron Lanier (USA)
Michael Nyman (UK)
Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie (UK)
Anita Fontaine (Australia) and
Mike Pelletier (Canada)
Andy Deck (USA)



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