‘WUNDER POND’ 10 February – 10 March

David Capra
Charles Dennington
Hossein Ghaemi
Matthew Tumbers

Curated by Sandra Di Palma

Opening Thursday 9 February 6-8pm

WUNDER POND presents the work of four contemporary Australian artists who create distinctly personal introspective visions.

Working across a range of media, artists David Capra, Charles Dennington, Hossein Ghaemi, and Matthew Tumbers approach their work intuitively, adapting a range of loose, immediate, playful, humorous and apparently disordered styles.

As they create, they explore beyond that which is known or obvious, inviting us into the creation of their abstract narratives and imagined worlds. By bringing together the idiosyncratic interpretations of these artists, WUNDER POND seeks to highlight the role of art as an outlet for the enigmatic mind of the artist and the physical manifestations that are revealed by these visions.

Exhibition runs 10 Feb – 10 March


One response to “‘WUNDER POND’ 10 February – 10 March

  1. wait, what? imagine if your nail be like that.. haha.. great art. cant wait for the next work..

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