Closing performances and drinks – Saturday 19th May 2-5pm

Tin Sheds Gallery would like to invite you for closing performances and drinks for We need you, you need us curated by Georgie Meagher and Červená Voda (Red Water) by Nathan Babet

Saturday 19th May, 2-5pm

We need you, you need us – 2pm performance by artist Paul Gazzola

The first annual shareholders meeting of the newly formed company Thrill for Profit will take place at the gallery from 2pm.

Whilst only registered shareholders are eligible to vote any interested parties are free to attend.

NB: As investors are still being sought in this new group the sale and purchase of shares will be available up to the meetings start time.

Červená Voda (Red Water)– 3pm performance by
artist Nathan Babet

Artist Nathan Babet will end his mark his month long “..apprenticeship with the forest” by performing his rite of passage and initiation as a ‘Journeyman’ venturing into the unknown.


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